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Comfort & Clarity

Enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle with Quinn Auto Styling window tinting. Perfect for increased privacy, security, UV protection, glare prevention, deflecting excessive heat, and preventing a faded interior, all while enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.

Image by Peter Broomfield

Stay Cool

Reduce heat and Increase your driving comfort

Increase your driving comfort and reduce the amount of visible and ultraviolet radiation entering your vehicle, and precent fading of your vehicle interior.

Spectrally selective tinting acts by blocking certain wavelengths of the sun’s infrared radiation and reject heat without reducing natural light.

Increase Privacy

Reduce visibility through your windows

Quinn Auto Styling tinting offers an unimpeded view from the low-light side but virtually no view from the high-light side.

Privacy tinting is available in gradients of darkness, with the darker tints commonly known as “limo tint”

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Image by Darwin Vegher

Block UV Rays

Filter out over 99% of UV rays

Our tinting can reject large levels of heat and visible light, in addition to UV. The perfect solution for protection from UV rays (which have some harmful effects) and for those who have conditions involving photosensitivity or skin sensitivity

Window tinting can offer protection to 500 nm. As UV is one of the main sources of fading, it can prolong the life of fixtures and fittings.

Added Style

Complement the look of your vehicle and arrive in style

There are many different grades, shades, colours, and thicknesses of available window tinting systems. Express your unique style that matches the character of your car.

Window tinting helps you achieve the look you want and the protection you need.

Image by Francesco La Corte
Image by Popescu Andrei Alexandru

Increased Safety & Security

An extra layer of security to your vehicle

Security films are applied to glass so when the glass is broken it holds together, preventing dangerous fragments from flying about.

Protect your car and valuables from theft and make it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry.

Reduced Glare

See Clearly and Safely

Glare is often distracting, and can sometimes interfere with your ability to navigate safely.

Quinn Auto styling tinting reduces glare and reflection on liquid crystal display (LCD) screens ensuring a safer, more comfortable driving experience.

Image by Yuvraj Singh
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