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Halo is a highly effective car shampoo with added hydrophobic polymers which provide a temporary protection for the vehicle. The gentle, yet powerful cleaning formulation removes dirt, grime and soil, while the unique blend of polymers deposit a hydrophobic layer on the surface. This car shampoo is best suited for vehicles with no protective products applied. This product is not recommended for vehicles with ceramic coatings or similar protection. 


Add 3-4ml of Halo car shampoo per litre of water in a washing bucket and foam up with hose or pressure washer. Add more product for better cleaning power or a more powerful hydrophobic effect. Due to its hydrophobic nature, the foaming ability of this product are reduced. Wash the vehicle with a wash mitt using the two bucket method. Do not leave the car shampoo to dry on the surface! Wash away with pressure washer. After washing away, dry the vehicle! The hydrophobic effect will not work before the vehicle is dry!

Halo Hydrophobic Car Shampoo 500ml

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